Subject: updates for your list

From: giantpune

Date: 17/10/14 02:34



I'm contacting you about your list of android vulnerabilities. I am the one who found what became known as CVE-2012-4220/4221. Your list looks like it is missing a date for when it was discovered. That was back in April of 2012. And it lists it as responsibly disclosed, but I feel that is not accurate. I originally contacted LG by telephone and email, contacted Google's security team by email, and contacted Qualcomm via their website. Qualcomm's security team got back to me on 7/31/2012 and we exchanged several emails and I helped them understand the issue. They then notified their customers (OEMs) and finally notified the general public via their website. Please change this status to reflect that the issue was responsibly disclosed.

I have some other vulnerabilities which don't appear on your list. There is one I named lit which is a bug in the backlight driver for quite a few LG phones. I discovered this one around Occtober 2012. After calling LG and emailing them (and again getting no response), I disclosed it publicly online. Original public disclosure is here and a package for rooting other models is here. . This bug never got a CVE but it does affect at least 5 version of their backlight driver which were used in an unknown number of phone models.

I also Identified a bug in LG's backdoor code in adbd. They allow adbd to run as root if a certain key file is present on the sd card. However, their key checking function was royally broken and creating a directory or 0-byte file was enough to trick them. They later tried to fix it after they saw us start to exploit it, but their fix was wrong and you could still access the backdoor by getting only 1 byte of the key correct. One of the first phones this was released for was in January 2013. in this post, the "adb shell touch /sdcard/g_security" command is creating the key as a file of 0 bytes. This bug also never got a CVE to my knowledge.

Thanks for your efforts